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Cari Dell Guitar Instruction
Woodland Park, Colorado 80863

I teach private guitar, bass, and vocal instruction at my studio in Woodland Park, Colorado.  I can also stream live video lessons (Skype) anywhere in the the world  for all ages and levels.  I am originally from Austin, Texas and grew up playing guitar at a very young age.  I now reside in beautiful Woodland Park and my goal is to teach, inspire, and share my passion for playing the guitar.

If you are just a beginner or an advanced student I can help improve your guitar skills.  I am diverse in all styles of music from Blues, Rock, Country, Pop, Reggae, R&B, Top 40, Folk, Bluegrass, etc.  I stress the importance of understanding rhythm and  technique in beginner lessons.   I believe teaching songs right away gets a student excited about practicing and helps one to experience the enjoyment of playing the guitar. 

If you are an expert student I dive into finger picking, modes, scales, improvising, ear training, and learning to jam proficiently with other musicians.   I am a professional musician who tours and performs all over Colorado and have over 30 years of guitar experience. So if you are fired up about learning the guitar then contact me: 

Cari Dell  719-291-1081